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With expanding urbanisation more and more people are growing into urban gardeners. While deciding to have an urban garden, the first stage of excitement, many times is followed by the difficulties with maintaining the garden, especially within the communities. Urbanseed is a response to that problem and consist of subscription program, where receiver can order different packages of seeds and all needed information.  

Project is a part of collaboration with the United Nations and based on working with Sustainable Development Goal 'Climate Action: Food'

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Depending on the needs, customers can order different type of packages (roots, salats, etc.) or single bags with seeds. Packages are followed by a journal categorised by type of the vegetables, realeased annually.  


Why urban gardening? 

Maintenance and transport of the food are playing great role in pollution and therefore growing your own food can minimise carbon footprint. Moreover, the important part of having an urban garden within the communities can strength the bounds between the habitants of the buildings. Last but not least, many kids growing up in the cities may never have a chance to see how exactly food grows. With having their own responsibility and colourful magazine they can learn more about the process and appreciation of work that has to be put into food production.

Story of an urban gardener. If you are curious to hear more about Veronica's story check the    podcast     .

Story of an urban gardener. If you are curious to hear more about Veronica's story check the podcast.

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inspiration, education, convenience

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For the ideas how to use self grown vegetables, journal contains recipes.

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Ideation and layout created together with Lumir Spanihel.

All artwork presented here is an orginal content created by the author.