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The print project is an outcome of a module course taken through education at AP program in Sustainable Fashion Design. 

The company can be characterised as an combination of the labels focused on the vibrant youth movements, which are the leading wing of the contemporary fashion scene and brands focused on high-quality printed textiles.Mixed media prints (collage, acrylic paint, marker) are the translation of the core idea of imperfection and diverse community. 


The brand’s name is an English verb of dismantle, which can express two main meanings: to take (something, such as a machine or structure) apart so that it is in separate pieces and to destroy (something) in an orderly way : to gradually cause (something) to come to an end. This should signify the new direction of the perception of the world at the moment, to break the preconceived norms from the past.

Artwork was printed on 100% cotton in size 150 x 250 cm in scale 1:1

Artwork was printed on 100% cotton in size 150 x 250 cm in scale 1:1


‘To erase the norms, celebrate the imperfection & to liberate’

ears patteaarn copy.png
ears pattern blacsk.png

Moodboards are created as an inspiration and part of the research while creating the brand's concept and mini collection of printed garments. Based on the triangulation design method.


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